Warranty Approved Maintenance

Oil & Filter Change

  • Road Ready Inspection
  • Up to 5 litres Quality Shell Oil (5W20 or 5W30)
  • Quality Oil Filter*
  • Full Chassis Lubrication
  • Most Cars & Light Trucks**


$69.95 – Up to 6 litres Quality Shell Oil (5W20 or 5W30)

ADD Tire/Wheel Rotation or ADD 4 Wheel Visual Brake Inspection – $34.95

ADD Reprogram TPMS* (If Equipped) – $14.00

*Most common filters *Some filters will require upgrade price adjustments
**1/2 ton or smaller - some restrictions apply - ask for details
Plus Applicable Shop Supplies - Plus Tax

Upgrade Service

All of Service A plus:

  • Comprehensive Inspection
  • Battery Check
  • Tire/Wheel Rotation
  • Full Brake Inspection with Caliper Mounting Service (Ensure Calipers are free to move – Preserves Pads)
  • Exterior Wash or Vacuum


ADD Cost of Cabin Filter Extra (If Required)

ADD Reprogram TPMS* (If Equipped) – $14.00

(Synthetic Oil Option add $20 to $60 depending on amount required)
Plus Applicable Shop Supplies - Plus Tax

Upgrade Service

All of Service B plus:

  • High Speed Wheel Balance
  • Full Steering and Suspension Check
  • Wheel Alignment Check-Up
  • Lubricate door, hood & trunk hinges, window runs and weatherstrips


ADD Alignment Corrections – $65.00

ADD Reprogram TPMS* (If Equipped) – $14.00

Plus Applicable Shop Supplies - Plus Tax


‘Warranty Approved’

• Following the service intervals and product specifications your vehicle manufacturer recommends. • Licensed to perform this work in Saskatchewan and the City of Regina. • Licensed Journeyman Automotive Technician performing the services or supervising such work. • All maintenance records are retrievable in unaltered form.

We strive to ensure that all lubricants we use meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications. In many cases we use the same bran of oil that the factory initially used. Our technicians install only the proper weight of oil as indicated on the engine oil fill cap. If there is no indicated weight, we will use information systems to obtain the correct information and recommendation for our climate. In some cases, the specifications call for a weight of oil that is only available as a synthetic or synthetic blend. Because many vehicles have warranties and extended coverage contracts in place, we will not downgrade the specification whether by weight or type (mineral versus synthetic). Please don’t request this of us; we want to preserve your warranties. If you are not sure about the specifications for your vehicle, ask our consultants for clarification.

We Stand Behind the Work We Do – You Have Our Promise